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SPECIAL SECTION: "Mail Which Comes To Our Apartment"
We get plenty of strange mail at our Brooklyn apartment, most of which is for people who don't live there, many of whom have some really great names. Can any good come of all this junk mail? Sure it can! Band names! Name your band after someone who once lived in our apartment. You can feel secure knowing that no other band will have the same name. Trust me. We did not make any of these up. Here they are:

Abdool Rasool

Beekham Budhu

Daisy Quiles

Dubravka Butkovic

Hazra Mohammed

Igor Siddiqui

Jamaluddin Ally

Mala Persaud

Radica Hosein Shah

Refugnia Galicia

Sargan Gobin

Servette Likovic

Ulvia Abreu